DANIEL DJ JANETSCHEK shortly his story

“Innovation and development are valuable when they really make sense for our society not just personal” (Daniel Janetschek in 2014)

“Doing business in not just a question of what you sell, but of how you manage the surround while you sell” (Daniel Janetschek in 2018)


What they wrote about me

Daniel Janetschek is a visionary scientist, influencer, public figure, working as business angel, business journalist, developer of structures and moderator of the populated community B2BALTIC. He likes engaging, motivating and entertaining smart people. He started as industrial engineer when he launched his own project and got funded, becoming IT entrepreneur at age 25. Later he studied with passion also law, comparing the regulations in 3 different countries, and social psychology. Before the start in corporate IT he was active in social matters/NGO 8 years long during the academy, working as volunteer in health/safety industry, and getting later a certification as Crisis-Manager. He was awarded 4 gold/1 silver, honorary member in civil-defense in 1997 for having managed hundreds of critical territorial rescue operations and for coordination of human-force, vehicles, in emergency operations center. From the age of 19 till 24 he had the opportunity as chief operator to coordinate regional emergencies, coordinating helicopters and rescue-airplanes, collaborating with police and fire-brigades. He interrupted his social career to start this new challenge in information-technology. Between 2001 and 2008 he was one of the first provider of corporate integrated web-hosting with professional services, offering first B2B webtools and contributing development of the new era of the business-to-business relations. In 2000 he started Janetschek & Partners with a growing team of business associates, or partners with competence in business development and legal matter: first focus was on corporate laws, merge and acquisitions, transactions, litigation; later in all fields thank experienced developers and attorneys in over 24 countries. Between 2002-2007 he developed serial most worldwide popular e-commerce platforms for booking of cruises and ferries with multi-millionaire turnover. Secret of success: during the process of building-up a new structure, he is able to think with the head of the future user, understanding what the user really want or search for. His interest for sales & marketing/advertising strategies was growing since the beginning of this new venture. He has demonstrated his parallel talent as IT developer, real estate developer, advertiser, customer-care strategist and hard-seller. DJ has been learning sales techniques from top sales mentors in Austria, Italy and Germany . In 2013 he moved to North East and started redesigning a new B2B models, launching B2BALTIC, as Nordic Baltic entrepreneurial community for trade, innovation and smartcities. His target wasn´t just the sales. He thought that there is a general need of a business-to-business communication, more extroversion in doing business and an orientation to explore the social impacts coming from transactions. Hundreds of corporate CEOs, of his own portfolio and new ones got attracted by this kind of project. From 2014 to 2016 he involved exclusively owners, senior executives not younger than 37. That´s the reason of the name “B2BALTIC hub of decision makers”. The challenge that he has accepted is to involve and make “talking” entrepreneurs of the North-East known to be naturally introverted and conservatives. The emerging Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the rich Nordic countries, as well as the Western side of Russia (Baltic Russia) have been the base of this initiative. His community got level 20K with a members´ billionaire turn around. In the role of “community moderator” he has turned into the work of business angel as well, creating opportunities for his members without primary targeting his own interest, but the hub interest instead. DJ has been living in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Riga, Helsinki, Vilnius, Klaipeda, Stockholm, Saint Petersburg, Warsaw, discovering and understanding the city people in person years after years. His words “Innovation and development are valuable when they really make sense for our society not just personal” has become part of the community ethic code. In 2017 he created 9 visual channels and started developing B2BALTIC Television as TV extension of the community with full B2B purpose. in 2018 he launched the Natural Baltic Channel to store and visualize “country-made” video stories of Since then he has given smart entrepreneurs chance to talk and broadcast themselves or their smart ideas. He is considered since 2013 the biggest supporter and most active promoter of the Baltic area in the world.

Otherwise he is also passionate in law & rights, art, doing sport (judo, volleyball, yoga, fitness, dance), languages, science, social psychology. Although interested in politics, he is out of that doing his best to cover a role of moderator negotiator between left, middle and right wing concepts, with sense of criticism, open eyes.

Daniel Janetschek is personally available to temporary support or coach enterprises in their development

Daniel Janetschek works as strategic adviser, management consultant and researcher in many kind of industrial sectors and territory. He engages and assist in:

  • startup/spinoff launch and temporary management;
  • international marketing;
  • sales coaching;
  • strategy, diplomacy & legal coaching;
  • techniques of advertising omni-media;
  • crowdfunding campaigns;
  • development of high-technology both software and electronics;
  • redesigning real estates with taste for art;
  • people-care oriented businesses with focus on seniors and kids;
  • development of social and safety (homes safety, city safety, national safety) models.

Where you find me in internet to follow or get in touch, to work together

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I have written and published 2000 and more articles on business, society, life-style, people & cultures, politics, ethic matters. I´d like to invite you to share your press articles too! Contact me to get grant to access and edit. I´m open to listen to you.

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