DANIEL DJ JANETSCHEK my compact story

“Innovation and development are valuable when they really make sense for our society not just personal” (DJ/2014)

“Selling objects or ideas is not just a question of what you promote, but of how you manage the surround while you promote” (DJ/2018)



Where you find me in internet to follow or get in touch, to work together

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I´m a business activist with interest for social stuff. I have written and published over 7000 articles on business, posts, tweets, society, life-style, people & cultures, politics, ethic matter, legal, marketing in the last 10 years. I´d like to invite you to share your press articles too. Contact me to get grant to access my magazine, or my television, and create new articles if you have smart stuffs to share.

youtube-icon-bigDo subscribe my NEW YouTube Channel (300+ subscribers) to watch some video news, film or spots I financed or I made in person. On the channel you will find other featured channels that work together with me. We don´t full use YouTube for our TV but we are gradually increasing the use.

What they wrote (exhaggerated!) about me….

daniel-janetschek-blog-picDaniel is multitalent and genial sales-marketing piooner of the digital B2B world. He is visionary scientist, influencer of public and private sector, marketing guru, tv broadcaster, recently tv presenter and business journalist, business angel, investor, mentor, designer, forum moderator, digital transformer, commercial real estate developer, IT maker, luxury trader, and media explorer since 1999. He is a team player who likes working with professional people, who have build up structures, startups, spin-offs, collaborative platforms, or exclusive estates. He likes engaging, motivating, smart people around. He started as industrial engineer launching his own IT project at age 25 and got funded by venture entrepreneurs. He has been scientifically analyzing years long life-styles for understanding society, social issues, markets, psychology, law and legal cases in over 9 countries, and politics. He has been dealing with diplomacy and legal matter working and living in several countries for passion of travels. He has developed multiple companies around the world for about 20 years, helped many more to stad-up and run. He has supported the non-profit sector giving free space since 2013 to all non-profit initiatives. He is member of honor, ex-officer coordinator, for about 26 years in civil protection.


You can hire me, yes if I like your subject and I bet in your success

I am with you with you, smart business or enterprise, for a “problem-solving” , temporary coaching, change management, legal and digital market advise, or as temporary executive CMO/CIO/COO/CCO/CTO (4-12 months) to support and help drive your corporate transformation, or international challenge, in the following matter (in English, German, Italian languages):

  • startup/spinoff launch
  • international sales&marketing
  • internationalization
  • coaching for new strategies and B2B ways;
  • diplomacy;
  • techniques of advertising omni-channel;
  • crowdfunding campaigns and competitions;
  • development of high-technology both software and industrial electronic/automation;
  • development of decentralized retail communities based on blockchain technology;
  • redesigning real estates with taste for design and acceptance of digital transformation;
  • creation of people-care oriented smart structures with focus on seniors and kids;
  • development of social and safety (homes safety, city safety, national safety, policies, rules) models.

Social background of Daniel Janetschek from teen time

Before the start of his career in IT he was active in social matters/NGO for many years long during the academy, working as volunteer in health/safety industry, and getting later a certification as Crisis-Manager. He was awarded 4 gold/1 silver, honorary member in civil-defense in 1997 for having managed hundreds of critical territorial rescue operations and for coordination of human-force, vehicles, in critical operations center such as earth-quakes, explosions, accidents. From the age of 19 till 24 he had the opportunity as chief operator and instructor to coordinate regional emergencies, managing helicopters and rescue-airplanes, collaborating with police and fire-brigades, driving special vehicles with a special license class KE. He interrupted his social career at 24 to start the new challenge in information-technology, what he had been learning for years.




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