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Christmas 2018 start. Pleasant time in the community for innovation and trade B2BALTIC

Finally Christmas time. I know what you are thinking about. It´s gonna be lot of nice family activites and stress, huge stress, for presents, orders, organizing vacation last minute, travels. But good time for visiting family, relatives, snow, fresh (or even ice-cold) air and the new coming year, 2019. Yes, the new year is perfect point to restart something, to

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Coming soon the Christmas party with Italian excellences in many industries

There is a “very tasty” initiative coming from Italy Baltic Trading Community which I want to report today to you. But it´s not only about food, wine, cosmetics, Italian excellences and tourism. Italian are leader with their made-in-Italy sign in furniture, design, art and smart technology. You should definitevely join this event which will be held in internet on all

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Meaning of a community. From commerce to digital trade with blockchain. Case of B2BALTIC

World is changed. The growing trend of global structure, the rise of the planet population in the last century, and the unequal distribution of resource or revenues, requires people and developers to build groups or be part of them. In general, unions, associations, alliances, partnerships and, in the last 20 years, communities has become the way to involve people, find

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Baltic discussion blog is growing, you can write articles too

A good start into the week to you! Over 10.000 subscribers of my blog! Thank you to you all. First a notification: blog changed, please update. you are in my own discussion blog →Follow the business press site and blog of the community This Monday I want to share this with you. It´s an amazing time of hard

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